Talking about one of the hardest working entertainers in the city of Jos, Jvson is clearly recognized and respected among his peers.

Jvson has bagged numerous musical awards throughout his career and this year 2020, he’s not slowly down. We, your trusty blog secured an interview with him and we spoke at length.

Here’s the full interview

Interviewer: Tell us more about your coming show

Jvson: Okay, thanks for the question and having me on your blog to interview. It’s an honor. The show is tagged “flight mode” Basically a second version from my previous show “Therapy session”.

Interviewer: What are you improving based on the last show? What should people expect?

Jvson: Therapy session had me giving my music lovers a feel of what my music does to the body, soul and spirit. Gives relief, hope and liberty, making the sane more sane and insane if there’s any lol sane too.
Now That was a preparation for flight mode. Normally before a flight to an international country, there’s always an medical examination, now that was therapy session. From results at the end of therapy session, I believe my music lovers are fit to go on this flight with me.

Interviewer: Is there really profit from shows in Jos? Or are you just doing it for the fans or to promote your music?

Jvson: Well, for people working with plans and strategies, there’s profit, financial profit.
I mean no one would want to start a business with the sole purpose of failing. There’s passion but without proper planning, the only profit will be the satisfaction from within that people enjoyed the event and that’s not good enough.
For me, there’s profit, Though my first event was like a bait I threw, minimal profit but following the second my listening party I can gladly and boldly say there’s profit and of course I’m doing it to promote the music and for my music lovers

Interviewer: From your experience, what’s the best way to seek sponsors/investors?

Jvson: Hmmm, if it’s for an event/show, firstly having to show forth zeal, passion and seriousness.
Also, a Comprehensive letter and budget for the event.
It should be more like a business plan, with projection on the returns on investment for investors.
Investors will love to be assured that they’re funds are not going to be wasted.
And also there should be like a CV(curriculum vitae) projecting recent projects to show what has been done and how far it has gone too.

Interviewer: How would you rate the scale of responsiveness from sponsors in Jos, on a scale of 1 – 10?

Jvson: Hehe, I can’t even lie about this. Maybe I haven’t tried so hard or maybe haven’t met the right persons but I’m that scale it’s 3

Interviewer: So you are clearly one of the hardest working entertainers in Jos, how do you manage your love life and peer pressure?


Jvson: It’s Gods doing sir I bless God.
For, Relationship, only one secret that has been existing, “One right woman only “ the rest is on auto management lol and
for peer pressure, nahh, no need to manage that. It’s not existing on this end.

Interviewer: Lastly, what are your thoughts on the development of the Jos entertainment industry especially the music aspect

Jvson: Okay, I hate to say this but most artiste in Jos are not on their toes to see developments in themselves first. Shout out to the ones that put in efforts outside music to support the music. Others do nothing expecting an Angel to drop from above to get them signed. God has blessed us with diverse gifts to make enough to sustain and support whatever it is we plan to, waiting on sponsors will help get old faster.
Secondly, if there’s unity amongst the artiste in the industry, I believe we can become bigger.
Lastly, we should see the music as business also not just a talent for fun, there should be a balance.

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