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Why Flight Mode?

Why Flight Mode?

Live Music

Experience soul lifing Music, with jvson


Listen to music from other great artists.

Red Carpet

Yes... Red carpet, Showcase your self.

Performing Artists

These are amongst the best musical content creators the world has made. They will be performing on FLIGHT MODE!!!


Always know what we are up to.


Enjoy Some Of JVSON's Past Events.


What don't you understand?

Get to the Event you Want.. then purchase desired class of ticket

After your payment has been confirmed, You will receive your ticket via email.

Note: your ticket will be in PDF format.

After you place your order, your order_id will be shown to you along with our account details. when you’re about to make payment using your respective Mobile banking app please add your order_id in the transfer description.   <Flight Mode @ 5542>

check the image below:

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. send us a complaint via email with your order id attached to it, or give us a call. we’ll make sure you get your ticket. EMAIL:

We’ll give you a call to get your name for verification against the day of event.

There are no refunds.

If you can’t find our email… Please check your spam folder!

Due to the high security measures Google is taking, they treat some mails as spams. so don’t be scared if our mail is redirected to your spam folder.

If the reset email is in your spam folder, it won’t redirect you to the reset page. So you would have to copy the link manually and paste it in your respective browser.

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